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Coral 66: Product Description

Merlin, Credit: RAF

The XGC Coral 66 compiler conforms to the Official Definition of Coral 66, BSI Standard 5905, and supports several industry-standard sets of extensions. It is therefore ideally placed as a modern implementation of the legacy language and will enable value engineering across a wide range of supported computer applications.

The XGC Coral 66 compiler is available as a native compiler on Sun SPARC Solaris and IBM PC Linux, and as a cross compiler form the standard platforms to any of the supported targets. Targets immediately available are: Motorola M68000 family, Intel 386 family, SPARC, MIL-STD-1750 and Power PC.

The cross compiler to Motorola M68000 targets is available off the shelf.

The XGC Coral 66 compiler is based on mature technology, and incorporates a new compiler front end to support the Coral 66 language. This front end is in addition to front ends for C, C++ and Ada95, and permits us to build custom compilers for any mix of these languages.

In the following diagram, we show a compiler that supports three languages.

Program segments written in Coral66 have full access to the standard libraries. In particular, a Coral program may use the ANSI C library to perform input-output, string operations, memory allocation an so on.

Coral66 segments may be linked into an Ada program, and calls may be made either from the Ada source to the Coral source, or vice versa.

Updated May 11, 2005
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